Time Travel Hunt

10/06/18 11:30AM - 08:00PM
Starts in Porter 100

What are the puzzles like?

For examples of the kinds of puzzles we'll give you, check out our Past Hunts

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Sounds fun! How does my team win?

Each puzzle yields a solution (like a word or a phrase). You'll be combining answers to puzzles with a mechanic that will be explained more on the day of the hunt. Eventually players reach the endgame, a bonus round for those who complete the puzzles the fastest.

How do I register?

Register your team of six (or fewer if you want) here!

What should I bring?

How long will it last?

The hunt is expected to run 8 hours. If there isn't a winner by 8 hours in (rare), we'll inform all teams to keep playing and continue until there's a winner.

Will there be food?

Yes, there will be food, usually pizza. If you have dietary restrictions, please list them in the appropriate box when registering.

Is there anything else I should know?

Wait, I have more questions!

Email the HALP?! LINE (puzzlehunt-cmu@lists.andrew) with "Puzzle Hunt" somewhere in the subject line.